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Alachua County Mugshots

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About Alachua County Mugshots

Alachua County is located in the state of Florida in the United States of America with a population of about two hundred and fifty thousand people. The county is known for its diverse culture since it incorporates people of different ethnicities. It is also home to the University of Florida that is at the center of its economy. The Alachua County school district comprises of forty-seven different primary schools, high schools and apart from the university, there is also a college called the Santa Fe College.

Alachua is also home to many tourist attractions such as Lochloosa Lake, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park among others that help boost the county’s economy. There are also museums such as the Matheson Museum and Hawthorne Museum Historical. The county has fully embraced the use of digital technology for administrative purposes such as security and judiciary activities.

Alachua County Mugshots

A typical mug shot or police photograph has two parts, the front view, and the side view. A database of the mug shots taken of criminals is usually posted on the Alachua County’s website to allow members of the public to access the records. The free access to these records allows residents to assist law enforcement agencies by providing information on the arrested individuals, especially when dealing with high-profile cases. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement launched a campaign dubbed “If you see something, say something” which is currently being positively embraced by the residents of Alachua County.

The use of the internet to provide information about criminals to members of the public has encouraged vigilance among citizens and this has in a way improved security in the county. However, those whose mug shots are in the internet database can get their photographs removed after they have served their time. There is no doubt that security is the backbone of any economy, and it consequently determines how the economy fairs.

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