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Atlanta Mugshots

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About Atlanta Mugshots

Atlanta City, which is also known by its nickname “Hotlanta”, is the capital of the state of Georgia in the United States of America. It is the most populated city in the state with an estimated population of over four hundred thousand people. The city ranks thirty-sixth among world cities and eighth in America in terms of gross domestic product. One of the most significant events in this city apart from its role in the civil war was its role as an organizing center for the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

atlanta mughots

The city has a diverse combination of cultures but its traditional Southern culture is majorly part of its fabric. It is home to many art theaters such as the Alliance theatre and Woodruff Arts Center. The city also hosts touring Broadway acts especially at the historic Fox Theatre landmark. The Centennial Park is a fun place where kids can play in the dancing, illuminated waters of Fountain of Rings. The headquarters of many big corporations are situated in Atlanta city including the globally known company Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines.


Atlanta City is said to be a center for higher education because there are more than thirty colleges and universities and a number of high schools and elementary schools located in the city. The most prominent public university in this area is the Georgia Institute of Technology. The city also has an excellent transport infrastructure and it offers exceptional public service in health, education, and administration.


Most of the public services have been made digital where residents can access the services through the city’s website. Residents can get tax information; get birth and death certificates and view profiles of criminals. Atlanta Mugshots taken of criminals from different counties are compiled into one database then posted on the city’s website where residents can view them.

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