Berkeley County Mugshots

Mugshots Online has the most recent mugshots from Berkeley County (Berkeley County Mugshots) . Here you will be able to search for Berkeley Country mugshots . You can also know about what the most recent mugshots are, or can search them by name. You can also see them to have a view . If you would like to see the most recent mugshots from Berkeley County , has an updated feed for the last 10 people.

Berkeley County Mugshots

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About Berkeley County Mugshots

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Berkeley County is located in the state of South Caroline in the United States of America with a population of about one hundred and eighty thousand people. It was established in 1682 and was named after John Berkeley and William Berkeley. The county is culturally diverse with residents being from various cultural backgrounds.


Berkeley County is host to Mepkin Abbey, which is a Trappist monastery for both monks and nuns. In addition, a beautiful Cypress Garden has been a preferred destination for families for over one hundred years. Visitors come from all over the country to see this unique attraction, which has been featured in many magazines, and television shows. There are also a number of historical sites in the county such as the Biggin Church Ruins and the Lawson’s Pond Plantation among others.

Berkeley County mugshots

The county’s has Emergency Medical Services which responds twenty-four hours that is designed to serve all citizens in times of medical crisis. These Emergency Medical Services work hand in hand with the Local Fire Department. Berkeley County is protected by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in addition to the local Municipal Police Departments. The officers are trained at the training office situated at the sheriff’s office. The training is required to ensure the officers meet the state’s certification requirement.


The Records office is also located in the sheriff’s office where copies of incident reports are provided under request. However, the County also has a website where such records as well as other information about the county are posted. Mug shots taken of criminals are also posted on this website and residents can access them freely and at any time. Nevertheless, those whose mug shots are on the website can get them removed as soon as they serve their rehabilitation time.

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