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Brunswick County Mugshots

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About Brunswick County Mugshots

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Brunswick County is located in the state of North Carolina in the United States of America with a population of slightly over one hundred thousand people. The county was formed in the year 1764 named after Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg which was at the time held by the British kings of the House of Hanover. Brunswick County has a number of towns within it such as Piney Grove, Varnamtown Boiling Springs Lake, and Sandy Creek among many others.

The county has a number of historical sites that serve as tourist attractions. These include the Bald Head Creek Boathouse, the Bald Head Island Lighthouse, and Fort Caswell Historic District among others. People in the county also enjoy the summers at beaches such as Caswell beach, Ocean Isle Beach and Holden Beach combined with islands like the Bald Head Island, Oak Island, and Bird Island.
Brunswick County Mugshots

The county has a variety of exceptional social services that they have to offer. Such services include food and nutrition services and Medicaid, investigation of child abuse claims, monitoring of adult care facilities as well as training and certification of foster parents. The county is served by the Brunswick County school district that has nineteen schools serving over twelve thousand students. There are five high schools, five middle schools, and nine elementary schools.

Brunswick County’s has a website that is used to allow members of the public to access public information and services and interact with county officials. Mug shots taken of criminals are posted on the website and the free access to these records allows residents to assist law enforcement agencies by providing information on the arrested individuals, especially when dealing with high-profile cases. Those criminals who have served their time can get their pictures taken down from the website through the sheriff’s office

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