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Cumberland County Mugshots

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Cumberland County invites you to definitely experience “Virginia’s Heartland,” a place wealthy in tradition and assets. A detailed neighbor to Virginia’s condition capitol, Cumberland provides the perfect mixture of a peaceful, rural setting with easy ease of access to Virginia’s nearby urban centers.

Cumberland County is really a county situated within the Commonwealth of Virginia. By this year’s census, the populace was 10,052.Its county chair is Cumberland. Cumberland County started in 1749 from Goochland County. The county is known as for William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, and second boy of King George II of effective Britain. Cumberland County seemed to be the place to find the Fleming family, which incorporated Judge John Fleming and the boy Judge William Fleming.

The populace density was 30 people per square mile (12/km²). There have been 4,085 housing models in an average density of 14 per square mile (5/km²). The racial makeup from the county was 60.37% Whitened, 37.44% Black or Black, .18% Native American, .35% Asian, .59% using their company races, and 1.06% from several races. 1.66% of people were Hispanic or Latino associated with a race.

Cumberland County Mugshots of recent criminal offence is arrested. Cumberland County Crime Corks is several volunteers determined in lowering crime by rewarding prompt apprehension of individuals involved. People with information are requested to the end line (1-855-628-8477) and supply information anonymously. Information provided will be presented to appropriate Police government bodies for analysis.
Cumberland County Mugshots

The 16,233-acre (65.69 km2) Cumberland Condition Forest is north of U.S. Route 60, west of Condition Route 45 and outlined around the west through the Willis River. The Forest has multiple reasons, including watershed protection, entertainment, timber production, hunting, fishing, and applied forest research. You will find two self-led trails at Cumberland Condition Forest which are open for walking, hiking, horses, and bikes. Whitened-tailed deer, wild poultry and bobcats are typical citizens of the natural area.

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