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gainesville mugshots

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About Gainesville Mugshots:

Gainesville is home to the University of Florida, and where there are colleges, there are people getting arrested. When there are people getting arrested, especially in the case of Gainesville mugshots are common. In 2015, Gainesville’s university the University of Florida was the eighth largest university in the country, making it a hotbed for police activity to help curb underage drinking, disorderly conduct, drug use, and other things popular around college campuses. Gainesville has a humid, subtropical climate allowing people to enjoy the outdoors almost year round. Students enjoy this and can have lots of outdoor parties, events, and all kinds of shenanigans.

gainesville mugshots

Ever since the 1990s, the threat of suburban sprawl has concerned city commissioners. Although, they came up with something called the “New Urbanization” plan to gentrify the area of Gainesville inbetween Downtown and UF, potentially slowing the expansion of suburban areas and sparking a migration back towards the downtown area of the city, and elimiating some of the crime which would reduce the amount of Gainesville mugshots. One of the first areas that will be gentrified is immediately north of the University of Florida. The downside to these gentrification plans is that they rely on tax incentives which can be given out to preferential people and crony capitalists, and many people have voiced concerns against such a plan.

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