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Iowa Mugshots

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About Iowa Mugshots

Iowa County, located in the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America, has a population of twenty-three thousand people. It was initially under the Michigan Territory government in the mid-1800s and was named after the Iowa tribe who are a Native American Siouan people. The county is served by a total of eight major highways including the U.S Highway 18, Highway 80 and Highway 130 among others.

Surrounding Iowa County are Sauk County, Dane County and Green County among others. The county is also home to many parks like the Arena Pines-Sand Barrens State Natural Area, Blue Mound State Park, and Tower Hill State Park among others. There are also recreation areas like the Black Hawk Lake Recreation Area. Among the many historic places in this county are the Cassidy Farmhouse, William Henry Brisbane House, Harris House, and the Hyde Chapel.
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Iowa is among Wisconsin’s healthiest counties offering exceptional public health services as well as environmental health services. The emergency response services are also available twenty-four hours a day to all areas of the county. There are also departments that oversee resources for the aging, the disabled and the senior citizens. The Social Services Department offers children and family services and juvenile services.

In Iowa County, security is the responsibility of the sheriff’s department. It deals with law enforcement and criminal investigations. The department has its website that it uses as a platform to interact with residents of the county. Mug shots of criminals are also posted on the website as a way to engage the citizens to help in investigations. Nevertheless, those who have served their time can get their mug shots taken from the site by advocating through the sheriff’s office. Residents can also give comments and suggestions about the services offered by the department on the site.

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