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Johnson County, located in the state of Kansas in the United States of America, has a population of more than half a million people. This high population makes it the most populated county in Kansas. The county, established in 1855, was one of the first counties in the newly organized Kansas Territory. The county got its name from an American missionary Thomas Johnson, and it was in the center of many battles between those who wanted to abolish slavery and the pro-slavery advocates. Currently, eight major highways that include the I-35 and the I-435 serve the county.

Johnson County is home to numerous historical places that are also tourist attractions. These include the Blackfeather Farm, the J.B. Mahaffie House, Albert Ott House, and the Martin Van Buren Parker House among others. A number of shows have also used the county as a setting for their shows such as the TV show “Married to the Kelly’s” and the famous TV show “Switched at Birth”. These shows have given Johnson County a lot of publicity.

The county also offers exceptional educational services and facilities having six school districts that contain six colleges and universities. In addition to education services, Johnson County also provides exemplary health services in all its six hospitals and emergency medical services are available twenty-four hours a day.
Johnson County Mugshots

Security in this county is under the sheriff’s department, which is in charge of law enforcement and criminal investigations. The department has a website, which provides a platform that enables the officers to interact with residents of the county. The site is also a place where they post mug shots of criminals to allow citizens with information concerning the criminals to come forward and aid in investigations. The site is also a place where residents can post comments and suggestions about the department’s services.