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Manatee County Mugshots

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Manatee County, located in the state of Florida in the United States of America, has a population of over three hundred thousand people. The county, created in 1855, got its name from the Florida manatee, which is a sea cow, now, Florida’s official marine mammal and an endangered species. The county has features like access to the Tampa Bay, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, which spans Tampa Bay and the Manatee River.

The county is home to Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge, which provides a breeding ground for native birds and protects them. The Myakka River State Park is famous for its hiking trails and is an excellent campground. The park also allows horseback riding and biking on specially designated trails. In addition, Lake Manatee State Park provides a good environment for activities like kayaking and canoeing. Apart from the parks, the county also has some historical places such as the Austin House, John M. Beasley House, the Bradenton Carnegie Library, and the De Soto National Memorial among others.

Manatee County departments strive to give exemplary services to the residents. The health department provides clinical and nutrition services, environmental health services as well as community health and wellness programs. There also are emergency medical services available twenty-four hours a day. The Manatee County School District has a total of fifteen high schools, a number of art schools, and a college.

Security in Manatee County is the responsibility of the sheriff’s department, which apart from law enforcement, also conducts investigations, and ensures order is maintained in the county. To do this work efficiently, the sheriff’s department has a website, which is used for various purposes, which include interacting with residents, and citizens can post comments and suggestions about the department’s services. The site is also used to display mug shots of criminals in the county that enables citizens help the officers in investigations by providing information about the crimes when needed.

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