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About Ocala Mugshots:

Ocala is a city located in central Florida, and has a large amount of crime for it’s size. When there are people getting arrested, especially in the case of Ocala mugshots are common. In 2015, Ocala has a population of around 50,000, which isn’t very large but for it’s size it has a significant amount of arrests. Nearby, there is a community called Silver Springs which was developed around the tourist attraction called Silver Springs, a collection of artesian springs on the Silver River in Florida. Back during the 19th century, the springs were became Florida’s best tourist destination, garnering a lot of attention from not only the state but all over the south. Since then, they do a number of things like glass bottom boat tours of the area, and the state of Florida has taken over ownership of the Silver Springs Park and runs the day to day operations. Tourism is a pretty big part of the local economy, despite the amount of Ocala mugshots that are taken. People love to come to the area and see other natural attractions which are the Ocala National Forest and the Florida Trail, which is known primarily for its hiking . There is also a water park in the area, and a western-themed amusement park that was closed down in 1984.

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Ocala, FL has a five-member board of councilors and a single mayor whom are elected not based off parties but based off their experience. Ocala’s charter was conceived to leave the mayor with very few powers other than vetoing legislation which was passed by the council and tends to a few duties with the police department. On the other hand, the city manager handles the day to day operations including administrative and financial matters.

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