Ocean County Mugshots

Mugshots Online has the most recent mugshots from Ocean County . Below, there are best results to look for Ocean County mugshots and, know about the latest mugshots are, or find by name. If you are interested to look for the latest mugshots from Ocean County, JailBase.com has a feed for the last 10 people:

Ocean County Mugshots

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The individuals are termed as innocent until they are proved to  be criminal in the court of law.


Ocean County, located along the Jersey Shore in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America, has a population of over five hundred thousand people. The county was formed from parts of Monmouth County and Burlington County in the year 1850. The county is famous for having the world’s first supersonic ram jet fired from one of its beaches on 1945.

The county has one nationally protected area that is the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge created in 1984 to protect the tidal wetlands and the shallow bay habitat for migrating water birds. Ocean County is also home to the Six Flags Great Adventure that is a theme park. This theme park abides world’s tallest roller coaster as well as the Tuckerton Seaport that is a maritime history village. The county also has many state parks, which include the Island Beach State Park, Jackson State Forest, and Forked River State Marina among others.
Ocean County Mugshots

The Tom River Regional Schools, which serves Ocean County, is Jersey Shore’s largest school district. The school district has many elementary schools, public high schools, as well as vocational high schools .It has the county’s only Roman Catholic School. There is also a two-year community college known as the Ocean County College. The health department also provides exemplary service including the emergency medical service which in provided in conjunction with the firefighting department and is available twenty-four hours a day.

The sheriff’s department is responsible for the security in this county. It not only enforces the law but also conducts investigations of crimes committed. The department has a website on which they post mug shots of criminals to enable citizens of the county to aid in investigations. The site is also a platform on which residents interact with the officers, and post comments and suggestions about the services rendered by the department.

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