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Polk County Mugshots

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Polk County Mugshots

Polk County situated in  State of Florida with a population of around 623,009 people and a total area of 2,011 square miles. It is the fourth-largest county in Florida by land area and fifth-largest by total area. 

Reliable crime statistics in Polk County started in 1971, when the crime rate was recorded at 4.16 crimes per 100. Since 1997, the crime rate in Polk County has fallen by 69%. The Polk/PCSO crime rate is 42% less than the Florida state crime rate (2.1 compared to 3.63).
Polk County Mugshots

Polk County is home to one public university (Florida Polytechnic University), one state college (Polk State College), and four private universities. One Fortune 500 company—Publix Super Markets (106 in 2012)—has headquarters in the county. It also houses the Polk County Historical & Genealogical Library, Polk County Library Cooperative. It is home to over 90,000 acres of land open to the public for recreational activities such as fishing, birding, and wildlife. Polk County is easily accessible from Tampa and other Central Florida cities. 

The city is now home to the theme park LEGOLAND Florida, built on the site of the erstwhile Cypress Gardens. Country musician Gram Parsons was from a wealthy family in Winter Haven, one of the core cities of the metropolitan area. Lakeland, the largest city in Polk County, is where Publix’s Corporate Offices are located.

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