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About Reno Mugshots:

Reno is a city located in central Nevada, and has a large amount of crime depite it’s size. When there are people getting arrested, especially in the case of Reno mugshots are common. In 2015, Reno had a population of around 200,000, which isn’t very large but for it’s size it has a significant amount of arrests. One of the primary reasons for Reno’s crime is the gambling industry. Many people travel to Reno, NV to gamble and where there’s lots of cash there’s lots of crime. Reno gets millions of people from all over the world who come to try their luck, and even if they aren’t lucky, they are just a short drive to Lake Tahoe which offers some relaxation and skiing depending on the season.

reno mugshots

Reno has a variety of recreational activities that include both seasonal and year-round depending on the weather. In the summer months, Reno locals enjoy the three major bodies of water nearby: Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, and the Truckee River. If rivers are your thing, the Truckee River starts at Lake Tahoe and flows west to east right through center of downtown Reno, NV before ending at Pyramid Lake just to the north of the city. The Truckee river is a primary part of Artown, which is held in the summer at Wingfield Park. If kitesurfing or windsurfing is your passion, Washoe Lake is a common destination because of the high level of wind during the summer.