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rockford mugshots

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About Rockford Mugshots:

The emphasis given to eastern areas in Rockford have rendered their western counterparts with blighted neighborhoods, leading to an increase in Rockford mugshots taken by the police. In 2015, Rockford’s public school system was court ordered to spend $250 million on upgrades to western schools after it was found culpable for discrimination against residents served by them, many who were African American.

rockford mugshots

Economic diversification has been difficult but ongoing for the area. The aerospace industry, represented by Woodward and UTC Aerospace Systems, is dominant in Rockford. Loves Park, a suburb, was selected by Woodward for a $200 million manufacturing campus towards its energy control and optimization systems in 2012. Boeing included Rockford on the list of five finalists to manufacture the 777X during union disputes in 2014. The healthcare industry, represented by OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center and Swedish American Hospital, is also involved. Swedish American, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, opened a $39 million Regional Cancer Center in 2013.

Downtown improvements became more evident in the first decade. The Coronado Theatre reopened after an $18.5 million renovation in 2001. The controversial pedestrian mall was removed, returning Main Street to a 2 lane thoroughfare complete with cafe-style seating and wind-powered streetlights. The MetroCentre underwent a $20 million renovation, prompting interest in the purchase of its naming rights; the arena was subsequently renamed the BMO Harris Bank Center. An open-air amphitheater and a river walk were constructed to tie the Discovery Center Museum and the Burpee Museum of Natural history together. Most significantly, the Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse was constructed for $100 million and the restoration of daily Black Hawk rail service began, scheduled for completion in 2015, for $223 million.

Even before the Great Recession led to an increase in crime and therefore an increase in Rockford mugshots, the city was impacted by the flooding of its Keith Creek in both 2006 and 2007. Grants were won from FEMA to widen the creek and demolish over one hundred homes to stem the severity of future floods. Since the crisis set in, population has only declined. Thirty-two percent of the area’s mortgages were underwater by 2013; Forbes rated Rockford as number 3 on its America’s Most Miserable Cities list in that same year. In the first four months of 2014, the unemployment rate of Rockford declined from 12.9 percent to 9.2 percent, but these figures remained well above the national average, causing more Rockford mugshots.

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