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About Santa Fe Mugshots:

Santa Fe is a city located in central New Mexico, and has an average amount of crime when you compare it to the city’s size. When there are people getting arrested, especially in the case of Santa Fe mugshots are common. In 2015, Santa Fe had a population of around 70,000, which isn’t very large but for it’s size it has a decent amount of arrests. One of the primary reasons for Santa Fe’s crime is illegal drugs, much like many similar sized cities across the United States. Despite that, Santa Fe is known as a center for arts and theatre that show the multiculturalness of the city; it was designated as a UNESCO Creative City in Folk Art, Design, and Crafts. Every Wednesday, the newspaper, The Santa Fe Reporter, publishes a schedule of some of the arts and culture of Santa Fe. Every Friday, the Santa Fe New Mexican publishes what is know as Pasatiempo, which is a long-standing calendar and commentary on arts and events in the Santa Fe, NM area. Back in 2012, Santa Fe was listed among the top 10 best places to retire in the United States by CBS and U.S. News.

santa fe mugshots


Santa Fe, NM is also known for it’s sciences, making it a very well rounded city. The presence of Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Santa Fe Institute, and Sandia National Laboratories creates a great environment for scientific research and advances. Because of its attractiveness for tourists and an established visitor industry, Santa Fe serves as a host to a number of scientific conferences, lectures, schools, and even more.

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