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About Springfield Mugshots:

Springfield is a city located in central Missouri, and has a large amount of crime depite it’s size. When there are people getting arrested, especially in the case of Springfield mugshots are common. In 2015, Springfield had a population of around 150,000, which isn’t very large but for it’s size it has a significant amount of arrests.

Springfield’s primary economy consists of health care, retail, manufacturing, education, and some tourism. Their Gross Metropolitan Product or GMP was $13.66 billion in the year 2004, which makes up 6.7% of the state of Missouri. In terms of the retail economy, sales exceeded $4.1 billion annually in Springfield, MO and if you include the surrounding areas that number jumps to $5.8 billion. The largest shopping mall in Springfield mugshots is Battlefield Mall. The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau states that an estimated three million overnight visitors and people who just come for the day visit the city. Springfield has over 60 hotels, bed and breakfasts, and more including over 6,000 hotel rooms.

springfield mugshots

Neighborhoods in Springfield

Springfield has a number of registered neighborhoods, including:

  • Bissett
  • Bradford Park
  • Brentwood
  • Brentwood South
  • Commercial Street Historic District
  • Doling
  • Fassnight
  • Galloway Village
  • Grant Beach
  • Heart of the Westside
  • Midtown
  • Northwest Springfield
  • Oak Grove
  • Parkcrest
  • Phelps
  • Robberson
  • Rountree
  • Seminole/Holland
  • Southeast Springfield
  • Southern Hills
  • Tom Watkins
  • University Heights
  • Weller
  • West Central
  • Westside Community Betterment
  • Woodland Heights