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St. Lucie County Mugshots

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*Individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Data is believed to be reliable but is provided “as is”. Contact the appropriate governmental agency to verify.


St. Lucie County is really a county situated within the condition of Florida, within the U .S . By this year’s census, the populace was 277,789 the county seat is Fort Pierce. By the 2013 Count Estimate, St. Lucie County reaches a populace of 286,832.St. Lucie County is combined with
FL Metropolitan Record Area, the Port St. Lucie and FL Combined Record Area.

The “Santa Lucia” colony started approximately Vero Beach and Stuart around 1567, as old Spanish maps identify el born area as Santa Lucia, which incorporated roughly what’s now referred to as Vero Beach to Stuart. The Spanish held Florida from 1783 to 1819. Seminoles (Creek Indians from Alabama and Georgia) and runaway slaves started to stay around the Treasure Coast. The Anglo-Saxon version, “St. Lucie,” wouldn’t be formally accustomed to find out the area before the 1900s.

St. Lucie County Mugshots

St. Lucie County Mugshots are supplied through the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office for individuals reserved in to the St. Lucie City Jail. They haven’t been charged from the charges listed and therefore are presumed innocent. The costs listed were current by time the photo was taken. won’t update the status of those cases. This database isn’t the official supply of these details and cannot be depended upon as a result.

Between 2000 and 2010, St. Lucie was among the quickest growing areas within the U.S. Having a people in this country increase in excess of 80,000 in that time period, the census and work force are diversifying right into a more understanding based economy. By the 2013 Census Estimation, St. Lucie County reaches a populace of 286,832.

Incorporated in 1905, St. Lucie County is incorporated within the Port St. Lucie, FL Metropolitan Record Area, and FL Combined Record Area. It’s composed from the Town of Fort Pierce (county seat), Town of Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie Village.

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