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Walton County is a county situated within the condition of Florida. By this year’s census, the populace was 55,043. Its county seat is DeFuniak Springs. The county hosts the greatest natural reason for Florida: Britton Hill, at 345 ft. Walton County is incorporated within the Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL Metropolitan Record Area.
Walton County mugshots
The county seat is Monroe, in which the current county courthouse was opened up in 2005. The historic county courthouse (the 3rd) was built-in 1883 ever since then the dwelling has gone through major corrections and additions. Also from Walton County remained Molina B. Michael who denoted to as “Poppy Lady.” She established the indication of the enflamed Flanders Field Poppy like a dedicatory emblem for those veterans of wars.

The Legal Division handles all Walton County Mugshots offenses that might be punishable by dying or jail time for any term exceeding twelve months. Good examples of these kinds of charges include murder, wrongful death, grand thievery, kidnapping, irritated assault, rape, useless inspections exceeding $150.00, burglary and lots of drug charges.

Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, the county includes a total section of 1,240 square miles (3,200 km2), which 1,038 square miles (2,690 km2) is land and 202 square miles (520 km2) (16.3%) is water.[4] The County is among the biggest in dimensions within the condition, stretching in the Alabama condition line towards the Emerald Coast. By the census [10] of 2000, there have been 40,601 people, 16,548 homes, and 11,120 families dwelling within the county. The populace density was 38 people per square mile (15/km²). There have been 29,083 housing models in an average density of 28 per square mile (11/km²). The racial makeup from the county was 88.41% White-colored, 6.98% Black or Black, 1.28% Native American, .45% Asian, .04% Off-shore Islander, .75% using their company races, and a pair of.09% from several races. 2.17% of people was Hispanic or Latino associated with a race.

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